The United States and Cuba severed ties almost fifty-five years ago, but experts say, even though Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro have made some progress, the U.S. trade embargo will not disappear in the near future. Long a proponent of U.S.-Cuba reconciliation, I find that it is detrimental to the success of both countries. My new political thriller, Cuba Unchained, addresses the unique relationship of the United States and Cuba and the US embargo, a relic of the Cold War.

The very unique and illogical U.S.-Cuban relationship has mystified me for the last 25 years, as have other similar politically motivated relationships, which oppress large segments of innocent people.

My hope is for Cuba Unchained to aid in perpetuating the process of U.S- Cuban reconciliation, which has been in a stalemate.

One man or woman can change the world. Those with the ability have the responsibility.

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