Here’s the past and current situation as I see it.

It’s pretty simple, but not well understood by ordinary Americans, many who are called the silent majority.

U.S.-Cuban foreign policy, certainly since the Cold War ended years ago, if not before, is all about politics, votes and influence and money. Money in U.S. politics buys votes. Votes then are influence.

It does not matter who is in office, Democrats or Republicans. They are both really most motivated by the various supporting constituencies, disregarding their moral, ethical, economic, humanitarian or religious veracity and getting and retaining control, prestige and power.

Political people at the top of the food chain are enjoying the supreme ego trip! It’s very addictive! “Here’s the bottom line. There are about 800,000 Cuban Americans in South Florida, maybe 100,000 in New Jersey, and 100,000 more spread around the United States.

Some of them are quite well-to-do and influential. Some are politically very astute and over most of the past 40-some years have voted as a bloc, giving their 1 million votes to the political candidates who would most likely continue the embargo against Fidel and the Cuban people by association.

Many of them have dreams of returning to Cuba as influential conquering heroes and/or recovering the cost of abandoned property and business. In many cases, the leadership of these influential pro U.S.-Cuban embargoists are depending on U.S. Government officials, in some future cooperative resolution of the relationship, to help appoint them to high office in the future U.S.-supported Cuban Government.

I do not say the view of these people is wrong. I just say, it is biased and has exercised great power without offset, and the Cuban people do not want that kind of 19th century solution! They won’t accept it! “The U.S-Cuban bloc of 1 million votes is a big bloc. You will remember how close the vote was in Florida in 2002.

The Cuban-Americans took credit for getting Mr. Bush number two elected. You’ll recall that shortly after, the embargo was strengthened, primarily against the interest of ordinary Cubans. Business conditions, primarily agricultural products, actually improved.

“The United States of America! The very cradle of democracy! The champion of the poor and disenfranchised of the world for two centuries-plus. The largest, richest, most generous, forgiving society in the world, 300 million strong, has its big heavy foot on the neck of the little island of Cuba and its people like they really pose some kind of threat! Folks, it is absolutely ridiculous! It’s ludicrous! It’s absurd! Cuba is about the size of the state of Michigan.

As American citizens, we can’t let our elected politicians get as far out of control as we’ve let them get in recent years. We have to get control of them and put our foot on their necks when they demonstrate un-American ideals!

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