History and experience shape my writing. Here’s why I wrote “Cuba Unchained.”

To those men and women in Cuba, America and elsewhere, fighting for democracy in Cuba

“Author’s Note: Those with the ability have the responsibility.”

A chance to ‘give back’ to mankind in appreciation for all that a successful career, a great life, and good health has provided. Or, perhaps, it’s the achievement of your 15 minutes of fame, your last hurrah, the final fight before you retire from the battlefield forever! “

I want to share my thoughts with you. Maybe in the sharing of my aspiration, I will arouse your imagination and interest. I believe in the value of a positive point of view regarding the future, so at this time in my life, as you know, I believe I can do about anything that I set out to do, and I do believe in the power of one man to change the world. Other men have done so, some for good, some for bad. I have a dream, and I believe dreams lead to visions, and big visions to big plans and potentially to big achievements. I believe dreams and visions are the cornerstones of inspiration, and when coupled with planning and organization and focus, result in a powerful, powerful force.

“More importantly, I would sincerely like to make a significant contribution to society, or mankind ingeneral, that makes the world a better place to live in, because I was here, if I can.

To inform, educate and inspire a change current U.S.-Cuban Foreign and Economic policy from what it is today and has been for more than 50 years to a normal relationship similar to U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico relations, our other two nearest neighbors.

“Here is the situation. In the past and currently, 900,000 organized South Florida Cubans over many, many years have determined U.S.-Cuban Foreign Policy through special interest’s political influence, that influence being money and votes. This situation has continued to exist without any significant political opposition or change for more than 50 years! As a result, 12,000,000 Cuban people, who are U.S. neighbors, 90 miles off the coast of the United States, continue to lead a life of poverty, hopelessness and quiet desperation. The situation is ridiculous if you think about it.

“I believe this can be done, and that the timing is right, by capturing the ‘moral high ground’ opportunity that exists. “There are tides in the affairs of men when taken at their ebb unleash a flood of change of unparalleled strength. My dream has a spiritual component and it’s telling me that the Cuban people, the American people and the world community is ready, willing and able to join this crusade, and are impatient for someone to lead it. A worthwhile effort to free the Cuban people. Our neighbors and their families are in trouble and they need our help.”

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