The U.S. Government’s

“Wet Foot—Dry Foot”

Cuban immigration policy

The U.S. Government’s “Wet Foot—Dry Foot” Cuban immigration policy, which, believe it or not, provides freedom in the United States for any illegal Cuban immigrant able to reach dry U.S. soil, or a free trip back to Cuba for those who get caught out at sea or in one foot of water before putting their wet feet on dry U.S. land.

This extremely unusual U.S. immigration law applies only to Cubans. Some believe that this U.S. policy actually encourages Cubans to try to illegally immigrate to the United States, thus endangering their lives at sea. Two men, two women and the baby drowned in their efforts to reach freedom and opportunity in the United States. Four other men remain missing. The law applied here is officially called the U.S./Cuban Adjustment Act

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